Lover of this planet. Spiritual being first. 

Driven by a tribal desire for connection. 

Inspired by art, music, travel, literature and the people I get to serve. 


My Mission

My mission and purpose on this planet is to teach, serve and impact. I teach women how to step into the most fulfilling, powerful version of herself, to realize the MORE that is available to her and then to walk with her to the mountain top. Through coaching, energy work and 10 years of proven results, I help women see themselves and manifest the MORE that they desire.

Nikki has a unique gift that combines wisdom with empathy. She will guide you to find the clarity you are seeking, the healing you are longing for, and the peace of mind we all, as humans, strive to achieve.
— Wil

What I believe:

  • Teaching the concept of MORE allows my clients to start witnessing the true magic that is available to them.
  • We have shifted into a new paradigm where you truly can have it all.
  • How we do one things is how we do all things.
  • We need healers to become our own best healers.
  • Through Gratitude anything is possible.
  • You are meant for greatness.
  • The time is NOW.
  • We are all Divine.