The Heroine’s Journey:

Healing Completely From

The Narcissist Abuse Cycle

So You Can Step Back fully Into Your Power 

The Heroine's Journey.png

In ancient texts, from all corners of our planet, there is a well-worn, archetypical allegory known as the Hero’s Journey. It is based on man’s call to greatness and the steps he must take to find himself on purpose and walking his divine masculine path. These stories have almost always been written to mirror the man’s journey, his perspective.

Through my own shadow work, and my thousands of hours working with women clients, I have restructured this parable to serve the divine feminine as she walks a true path of healing, empowerment and falling in love with herself.

The Heroine’s Journey is a map created for you, that echos and honors the steps laid down from our ancient teachers, and alchemizes them into modern applications. It is created for my sisters who are ready to break up with their old story and write the life they always dreamed of.


The Departure

You have been through the dark night of the soul; you have repeated this pattern of psychologically abusive relationships too many times (once is too many times) and have been unwilling/uncertain of how to learn the lessons. You have suffered more than necessary because you have not surrendered to “the call”.


The Initiation

You start to feel the pull to travel inward and become extremely curious as to what this relationship was here to teach you. You accept the Universe’s invitation to begin the vision quest; you believe that there is something truly transformative for you if you trust the work that is laid at your feet.


The return

You come home to yourself. You feel the ascension of your soul as you begin to release the chains that tethered you to dysfunction. You find yourself in a place of mastery; of thoughts, beliefs, actions and boundaries. You are connected to joy that is unrelated to anyone else.