Don't Pick a Lane

Anyone who knows me, knows that my whole life I have been searching. Searching for the “right” combination of things that allow me to be “me”. Whether that is the right relationship, job, outfit, hair style or yoga class, I have always felt this level of incompleteness that I thought I may just stumble across at the Wayzata Anthropologie. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are many beautiful gems out there that allow me to connect more quickly with self-expression and inspiration, yet there never was that puzzle piece that stepped forward…”Yo girl! I’m over here, all your shit can disappear now!”

In the past I’ve had this level of confusion about whether or not I can be this spiritual woman, who desires a greater and growing connection with Source and also be someone who can also love makeup, working out and the occasional inappropriate joke. Long journey to a short answer: yes! I finally decided that I don’t have to pick a designated lane of who I am. This very simple revelation shifted everything into focus for me. I get to be all the things. I get to embrace all the things that I love, knowing that I am already full, whole and complete. I no longer am looking for my validation in a new outfit, yet, have acquired a knowing I am enough. From that place I get to attract the beautiful, high vibrational things, people and experiences that contribute to my joy and expression of self. Damn, Gina… Mind. Blown.

This website is the culmination of all the things that I love and want to share with you. It is meant to be inspiring, challenging, beautiful and comprehensive--just like you and I. We don’t have to pick one lane! You will find a place to explore your spirituality, your outward and inward challenges and strengths, the mirror that is your relationships, how health and movement is spiritual in nature and honors our greatest gifts, and so much more. Even writing this, I can feel myself flooded with joy and excitement.

My soul purpose is to be a woman who serves this world by spreading light, inspiration and kindness. And jokes. Anything I share on here is because it is part of my highest truth and I believe it could serve others in a similar way. Let’s honor the spirit and celebrate the finer things that this life has to offer together!!

Yours in Love and Light,