Through transformational coaching, meditation, energy work and specialized tools your life will be unrecognizable to you after our time together.


Comprehensive Transformation

Through transformational coaching, energy work and enhanced community your life will be unrecognizable to you after our time together. Step fully into your power, purpose and spiritual knowing. 

Modern Alchemy

  • Transmuting pain into passion
  • Dissolving old patterns quickly
  • Nurturing and finely tuning your intuition so you can be your own best healer
  • Tools and tactics for ongoing growth
  • Mindset and Belief Transformation
  • Develop Relationship Intelligence
  • Customize your healing journey


Sacred Abundance Journal Course

Get to work immediately with this mini course that leads you through 30 days of manifestation tools, tactics, and daily laser focused journals to get you unstuck and into divine movement and creation.

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Meditation Membership


24/7 Access to transformative meditations, revolutionary journals  and monthly Reiki healings that will move you quickly into clarity, joy and expansion.


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Elevate Her Mindset Course

Elevate EVERY area of your life-providing you with all the skills that you need to dump the excuses, release the relationships that are sucking you dry, learn boundaries, self-love, and connection to spiritual prowess.

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Start Your Meditation Practice

Every significant change begins with a thought. Then a small action. Step into the higher vibrational VERSION of yourself without hesitation.


"I came to Nikki lacking the clarity of what I wanted to do with my life/ who I wanted to be. Since working with Nikki I have gained a renowned sense of control over my life. I have put myself out there, taken risks, and seen a shift in how I approach each day. By working with Nikki, I now have the confidence to take risks in my personal and professional life. I am able to see my worth as an individual and use my voice to stand up for my needs. I would definitely recommend others to work with Nikki! She is extremely personable and meets you where you are at in your journey. She is very empathetic and professional. The wisdom she brings into each session is astounding and truly valued as a client. "


"I came to Nikki not knowing how to deal with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed by my emotions and self-doubt. Nikki gave me tools to understand my emotions and not attach to them. I now have daily practices and elevated thought patterns that help me navigate my relationships and my goals for the future. She is such a light in my life and offers kindness, excitement, and encouragement in every session. Nikki is full of so much wisdom and in moments when I’ve shared problems that I feel have no solution, she offers such inspired advice and gives me the tools to change my life for the better."


"Nikki has a unique gift that combines wisdom with empathy. She will guide you to find the clarity you are seeking, the healing you are longing for, and the peace of mind we all, as humans, strive to achieve."


"Nikki has a unique gift that combines wisdom with empathy. She will guide you to find the clarity you are seeking, the healing you are longing for, and the peace of mind we all, as humans, strive to achieve."


"Thank You Thank You! I really love figuring out who I am and I am meant to be. I am so glad I have you guiding me on this journey. I know I wouldn't have made these changes without you!"


"Before working with Nikki I struggled with trusting my instincts, valuing myself and understanding the purpose of patience. Real, down to earth, practical and applicable approach to dealing with self issues. The most positive shift since working with her has been learning how to release extreme thoughts, halting mindless decision and listening to my feelings (while not being overwhelmed)! Nikki has been of such benefit to my self belief and healing practice as she has a good balance between real life talk and mindfulness/wellness based beliefs. The multi-faceted approach makes engaging with any type of client accessible, approachable, and relatable. "


"Before working with Nikki I was dealing with lack of gratitude, lack of clarity on my goals and ambitions, lack of self confidence, and figuring out who I want to be. Since working with Nikki I've been more calm about life, work, money and tasks at hand. I've felt more connected to myself and my emotions which has lead me to be happier and feel better about me and who I am. I'm more connected to my higher self and have a better self awareness about my spirituality and my connection to the universe. By putting in the work Nikki and I discuss, setting goals and tasks together, it's given me a positive and enlightening feeling about who I am and what things I can do to improve my life. I would definitely recommend that others work with Nikki if they're looking to improve their life and learn more about how to improve themselves. "


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